Frequently Asked Questions


Formula Pro Advanced

How do I find the setting for my Formula?

Use the settings finder which will help you find the setting for the formula you’re using.
Click Here for Formula Pro Settings Finder. We have two Formula Pro models so please choose the one that you’re using.
If you have any problems, click here to contact Baby Brezza Customer Service.

How do I set up my Formula Pro Advanced powder container?

For a quick setup video here. Werecommend following the complete instructions in the user manual.

My Formula Pro Advanced is dispensing more volume than indicated on the ml selector on the control panel. Why?

The ml quantity on the control panel indicates water volume only. When powder is added to the water, the volume is increased, just like when you make a bottle by hand.
If the amount of formula is significantly different than the ml you are expecting, please click here to contact us here.

My Formula Pro Advanced is dispensing less volume than indicated on the ml selector on the control panel. Why?

The most likely reason is that the funnel and/or dispensing hole requires cleaning. Please clean and dry the funnel and wipe the dispensing hole with a dry cloth, then try again. Also make sure you are using the correct setting for your brand/type of formula.

There is mineral build up in my water tank.

To prevent mineral build up in your water tank, please follow the monthly descaling instructions on page 12 of your user manual.

Do I need to clean the funnel on the Baby Brezza every 4th bottle?

Yes it’s very important to clean the funnel after every 4th bottle or when the clean funnel indicator light turns on. Formula can build up on the funnel during mixing. If the formula builds up too much, it can affect the machine’s accuracy. One suggestion to make cleaning easier is to purchase a spare funnel.

What formula works with the Formula Pro Advanced?

The Formula Pro Advanced works with 99,9% brands of formula including hypo-allergenic and alternative protein formulas.
Often with specialty formulas extra shaking of the bottle is required. You can check the compatibility of your brand and type of formula here.

Can I mix two formulas together in my powder container?

No. Each formula has a unique formula to water ratio which the Formula Pro Advanced is calibrated to deliver.

Can I add formula thickener to my powder container?

No. If you wish to add a formula thickener, you will need to add it directly to your bottle, before or after the preparation.

How do I clean or descale the Formula Pro Advanced?

Please, refer to your user manual for the complete cleaning instruction page 11 to 12.

What do I do if my Formula Pro Advanced shows an error code?

If your Formula Pro Advanced shows error codes E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, you can contact our Customer Care team here.

If your machine show the error code E6,E7, E8, please follow the instructions on page 13 of your user manual to remove the error codes.

Where can I buy spare parts for my Formula Pro Avdanced?

Please, send your delivery address, telephone number and required spare part(s) to the Customer Service, click here.

Can my powder container be sterilized or put in the dishwasher?

No. The powder container should not be sterilized or put in the dishwasher. You can clean it with mild soap and warm water.

Food Maker Deluxe

Is the Food Maker Deluxe BPA, BPS, BPF and Phthalate Free?

Yes, the Food Maker Deluxe is BPA, BPF, BPS and Phthalate Free.

Is the Food Maker Deluxe dishwasher safe?

The bowl and blade are top rack dishwasher safe. The drive shaft should be washed by hand.

How do I clean the steam tank for my Food Maker Deluxe?

Please refer to page 5 of your user manual.

What are the capacities of the Food Maker Deluxe?

The Food Maker Deluxe can hold up to 900ml of food.

Why is my Food Maker Deluxe beeping when I press start?

Your Food Maker Deluxe is beeping because there isn’t enough water in the water tank to steam the food, please refill it.

How do I clean or descale the heating plate or steam tank for my Food Maker Deluxe?

Please refer to page 5 of your user manual.

Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer

Can I use the Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer without the orange bottle holder?

No. The bottle holder is to prevent touching the hot areas inside.

How much water do I need to use?

It is important to fill the Bottle Warmer with water to the correct level indicated on the warmer. For reference, please see the instruction manual here.

Can I defrost my milk storage bags?

Yes, it is important to note that milk storage bags will defrost faster than a glass or plastic bottle.

How do I defrost my bottle?

When the defrost setting is used, the result is usually room temp milk, depending on the volume being defrosted and the vessel it is stored in.

Instant Warmer

How long does it take to the Instant Warmer to heat the water?

The Instant Warmer takes 25 minutes to launch. After which, the machine will maintain the desired temperature as long as it is plugged in.

The flow of water is very slow. Why?

The lid may create an air vaccum which restricts the flow of water. Simply remove the lid and clean it with a dry cloth.