Celebrating Baby Brezza's 10th Anniversary!

Baby Brezza is celebrating 10 years of helping parents make feeding easier! We have come a long way since our start, and have developed innovative products products that help you save time feeding your baby so you can spend more time cuddling with them! We thought you'd enjoy a walk down memory lane with us to see where the brand started, how it got to this point and where it's headed. 

The History of Baby Brezza

It all started with an idea - was there a way to make the tedious tasks of feeding your baby easier? The status quo of baby feeding methods presented many issues. Mixing formula bottles took forever, and likely meant spilling formula all over the place and adding air bubbles when shaking the bottles to mix the formula and water. Plus warming bottles took excruciatingly long - especially when your baby is hangry in the middle of night. Steaming and blending homemade baby food required so many steps -- who had time to do all of this? Each of these feeding tasks required multiple steps, multiple products, a lot of messy cleanups, and most importantly a lot of time that new parents rarely have to spare.

Baby Brezza's founder, Steven Betesh, had 4 sons that helped him understand how much time and effort he and his wife spent feeding their babies. He realized that simplifying this process would mean being able to spend more valuable time with his sons, and less time in the kitchen. So, he challenged his R&D team at his own company (which was making diaper bags and baby bedding at the time) to come up with solutions. And did they!

Baby Brezza Product Evolution

Our first product was the One Step Baby Food Maker - the first baby food maker that automatically steams and blends homemade baby food in one easy step. No more transfer between steaming and blending. Soon after, it was followed by the award-winning Formula Pro Baby Formula Dispenser - the first machine that automatically makes a warm formula bottle at the press of a button. The machine does all of the mixing, warming and dispensing for you. Amazing! These two products covered the some of the basic formula and food prep basics . . .but the brand didn't stop there. 

We stayed focused on making everyday tasks of parenting easier by simplifying the bottle-cleaning process with the One Step Sterilizer Dryer that was the first machine that automatically sterilizes and dries baby bottles, pump parts, and more in 1 easy step. Then, we created the Instant Warmer that helps you make a warm formula bottle instantly by dispensing warm water 24/7 so you never have to wait for a bottle to warm up again. And the Safe + Smart Bluetooth Bottle Warmer -- the first bottle warmer with bluetooth so you can operate fully from your phone and get alerts. We even made the first reusable food pouch that opens on the side for easy cleaning and filling.


So where to next?

We are proud that, 10 years later, our mission of helping parents has stayed consistent as we continue to create innovative new ways to make parenting easier so you can spend more time with your baby. We are committed to simplifying the challenges of parenthood and providing the best to your babies at the touch of a button. 

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